Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 27, 2012 
is the blog of my friend, Paul. and I recommend it to you.
He and I are members of the Employment Working Group (w.g.) of Occupy Greensboro (OGSO).
Paul got a great idea for how to gain employment for ex-convicts, who are the hardest to get jobs for of any population in Guilford County (N.C.). We're going to meet with a group of ex-cons next week at the Interactive Resource Center (a day care center for people who are homeless), and ask them to critique Paul's idea, so I won't say any more about it, until they do.

I just wanted to bring you all up to date on my happenings. They have to do primarily with the journals I am writing: Bookshop Journal, Occupy Journal, and Publishing Journal have recently been completed and printed. Almost completed is Gardening Journal and The Nice Journal. Halfway done are Co-Op Journal and Spiritual Journal. All these journals run around 150 pages. Recently begun and only on page 25 are the two new ones, Woman's Journal and Occupy: The Second Year.

My other major activities are of course Glenwood Coffee and Books and Unicorn Press, Inc. Both have websites now, so I hope you'll check those out. I still do as much as ever within The Occupy Movement. Tuesday mornings are "Democracy Chats," created by Fund for Democratic Communities (F4DC). I'm active in The Energy Working Group of OGSO. I'm supervising a mess of students from UNC-G and Guilford College, who intern at OGSO and at Unicorn. Recently joined Elsewhere Gallery. Director of The Weatherspoon Museum and her curator, Elaine Gustafson, are visiting the bookshop tomorrow morning.
     My good friend, Jacque David--and Bob--just had a baby, Penelope. I had two other friends over and served them pizza in my new pizza oven: Daniel and Lauren Goans.
     My Unitarian Fellowship meets in the bookshop now. Sunday we'll be serving block party breakfast to everyone in Glenwood. And "Glenwood" the pussycat says hello.
     That looks like an entire Lake Woebegone update for now. Sorry I've been neglecting this blog, because of all the writing in my journals. For example, just completed 25,000 wordson Walter Benjamin for Spiritual Journal.
     Participatory Budgeting is a new interest. Bib meeting on Ground Rules for organizing PB being held in the bookshop next week . . .
     That's enough for now . . . Don't forget Paul's blog . . .