Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Two events yesterday, one by a workman who doesn't "shiv a git," the other by a workman who does.

The U. P. S. driver ran in with a package and a carton. But they were for the fellow who used to have a shop here at 1310 Glenwood Avenue. The package was obviously very heavy. And it had been sent UPS/Air. "Pretty expensive package," as the driver said. "He probably needs it in a hurry," I said.
     "That's just too bad," said the driver, preparing to leave. "These go back to U.P.S. They'll get in touch with him Monday."
     On the driver's behalf, I admit U.P.S. drives its workers. You are given unbearable workloads, and you better perform or else. So, the driver couldn't wait while we looked up where the previous shopkeeper had moved to. But I bet that package cost a hundred dollars to ship. (I got a tiny 8 oz. ground shipment from Kentucky the same day: cost ten dollars!

Meanwhile, I'm working on an index for an academic study of Greensboro's ":Truth and Reconciliation Commission," written by Prof. Spoma Jovanovic, to be published October 30th by the University of Arkansas Press, in their "Southern History" series. Spoma's project editor, David Cunningham, keeps sending me these tiny suggestions for how to improve the index, adding hours to my task (it's a fifty hour job, to begin with). But he's so helpful. He sends me links so I can access The Chicago Manual of Style ((using his password). I become reliant on his savvy and willingness to help. He so obviously wants a perfect index. Well, so do I. He's just a workperson doing his job . . . well. And he, too, has deadlines to which he must adhere, just like the U.P.S. driver . . .

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