Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10, 2013: Cat's Journal excerpt

     Al isn’t much fun to be with the last four days, because Mo left him over the weekend. She doesn’t like us anymore?  They seemed to get along fine. I don’t get it. It’s true Mo hadn’t been to see me for four or five weeks, but I was busy, I guess Al was too, and no one said anything. Then she came in, about a week ago, after this long absence and said she had failed to do what needed to be done to make the bookshop successful. Seems successful to me!
     She said it was a failure. And she blamed me for living here. Wow. Doesn’t make sense to me. Because I live here, that’s why there’s no “street traffic,” not enough book/coffee sales? That’s why The Back Room isn’t more profitable? I thought customers liked me! They’re always bending down to pet me or play with me. In fact, it’s quite exhausting sometimes. I’m working my butt off!
     Maybe she’s wrong? Who knows? The bottom stripe is she gave about an hour’s notice, then she was outta here.
     At first the parting seemed amicable, as far as humans are amicable anyway. But then, suddenly, she hissed at him and wouldn’t speak to anyone. Her tail got all big and her cheeks pouched up. You'd think there was a dog in the room. Haven’t seen her since. She sent another cat over the next day with her keys.
     That was tough, because she had arranged to have “Vagina Monologues” performed Saturday and Sunday. Come Saturday Night, Al and I were worn out. But we had to “cover” the Theatre, because Mo just isn’t comin’ back. Confusing. She also had another gig planned for tonight. We didn’t know about that. Truth is she isn’t a Great Communicator, and Al and I never know when we have to be on tap. But then she cancelled that performance, a punk rock show put on by WUAG, for which they paid $200. I bet they weren’t happy having that canceled less than a week before the event. Phew. Never a dull moment.
     Well, it’s none of my business. Al has to deal with that. I have enough to do. But my feelings are  hurt. I thought Mo liked me. She was pretty good with cats and dogs, as far as humans go. I mean you all are just plain dumb when it comes to knowing how to treat anyone, even yourselves. That’s why I’m writing this here journal.
     Mo was pretty nice to clip my nails from time to time, if she remembered. They’re really sharp right now. She’s also forgotten to give me my flea medicine, and it’s getting’  hairy I can tell you!
     At least Al never forgets my kibbles and water. Not once. And he’s fanatical about keeping my pan emptied, fresh, and clean. Thank God for small favors. Phew.
     Ever since “Vagina Monologues” is over and Mo is gone, it’s real peaceful around here. I have my daily chores, same as before. So the only impact on me is probably going to be less work.  Mo kept the place pretty lively, I can tell you. Although she was always locking me up in my room. I guess now I know why. She really thought my living here is a deficit. Golly! I thought a lot of these people, especially the children, actually came to visit me.
     I’m beginning to see why Al is mopin’ around the last few days. What a bummer. Turns out we’re the reason Mo failed.
     But, you know what? I don’t see that we’ve failed at all. I mean, how do you measure success. Just by money? From that perspective, yes, the bookshop don’t pay for itself, can’t afford Mo and Juan, or any worker.  We just don’t sell enough books, never will. For sure, Al and I have never gotten a dime. Those cats at AMAZON have it all wrapped up and tied with a pink ribbon. No loyalty around here for a local business.  Can’t tell you how many of our friends have bragged to us they got this and that at, how they downloaded this and that on to their Kindle. Thanks a big bunch! Bookshops dyin’ like flies all over the place, not just us.
     But we’ve been in business five years. Created an important public space here in ol’ Greensboro.  We’re gonna carry it on. For sure. So where’s the failure? That’s what I want to know!

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