Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21, 2013

I bet you're surprised to see a photograph of me in my blog, since I've had so much trouble importing graphics lately. But there I am, posing next to one of the three Library Ladders in my bookshop. And how come?
     Because a Ms. M. Lopez, a graduate MFA-Art student at UNC-G who's a computer whiz, showed me how. She's a "MacIntosh Person," and I was given a "P.C.", but she figured it out in a jiffy.
     You "right click" on the image you want to import, and you select "Picture" and you save that as a JPeg. Then you simply import that graphic (now a JPeg) into your blog.
Ms. Lopez and her friend are also giving me an iPod so I can get a "PayPal Square" credit card account in order to offer credit card payments at the bookshop. Yesterday was my "best" day at the bookshop in about six months. I think I'm finally restoring it, having unpacked all the books that were in boxes and am now keeping regular hours. I have more or less closed The Back Room. I think we've done our duty for the Punk Rock Music Scene and Occupy Movement, which used that public space. There's still the large bookshop public space for smaller gatherings. In fact, the U. U. Covenant Church meets there this morning (Sunday).
Last night, I totally missed Daniel and Lauren's Home Music Event. I was so tired I forgot all about it, although I had been looking forward to it for a month. I also irretriveably lost my glasses. I have to face getting too old to run around the way I do. What wore me out was a fabulous activist event we all did downtown in Center City Park, which we rented for $350--imagine the city charging that for citizens to meet in their park--and Cakalak Thunder wanted to rent my Back Room for a fund-raising event and took umbridge at my asking one hundred dollars for a whole day! The Energy Working Group of Occupy Greensboro planned and pulled off a great Earth Day Event downtown, I'm so delighted with us all.

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