Thursday, April 18, 2013

the nice journal: april 18, 2013

I had decided to write about non-profits in my Nice Journal this morning before this latest irony arrived in my GMail inbox.
     This is a photograph of Dr. Andrea Smith, who will be giving a lecture at the local Academic Institution Saturday. (Note: I couldn't import and insert the photograph.)
     Dr. Smith is first among equals when it comes to liberal politics and movements on the West Coast, for example editing Incite Magazine, for example her book, Conquest, for instance another book she edited, The Color of Violence. And she speaks to my journal entry today in her book, The Revolution Will Not Be Funded. Even the lecture she will be giving at the university is bizarro in that she will be condemning Academia for not teaching but being really in the business of making money by parasiting off Education and peoples' real aspirations and pitiful yearning for learning. "Learning, doing this in the Elliot Student Center of a university that is destroying our Glenwood neighborhood! Not Schooling," is the title she gives her $5,000-a-shot lectures.
     Dr. Smith is a Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of California, Riverside branch and a student herself, in Law School.
     Well, enough about Dr. Smith. There's hundreds of them in the university factories, and that's the point of this journal entry.

In my 77 years, I have noticed that in our Western Culture, people, especially young people, are full of high principles and high-principled ideals. Often, they begin achieving them, begin laying the foundation of some radical enterprise. Then it stops. "It" being the creative, revolutionary side of their endeavors. What takes its place is usually increasingly high salaries and fund-raising on the "do good" cause of the moment. You can always note that turning point, because its when the "idea" becomes an Institution. It is the institutionalization that causes the rot.
     Once an individual tries to actualize his or her ideal, in our culture,  it's time to make some money out of it.  To do this, you institutionalize, often creating a non-profit. So, creativity ends and commercialism begins. Sometimes, young people plan this "milking" process from the beginning!
     Nice middle-class liberals become Democrats, naughty doers for themselves become Republicans. A plague on both their houses.
     Nice, un-nice. Who cares? It's still The Bourgeoisie.
     So, no, I dislike non-profits. They're out for money, they're out for profit. But they add to this disgustingness by disguising their profit motive under the umbrella of Do-Good.
     It's like Mao Tse-tung said, "Republicans are easier to deal with than Democrats. Republicans are war-mongers, and they make no bones about it. Democrats are war-mongers, but they pretend to do good, they hide their barbarityand brutality. And he hadn't even met Obama.."
     Academia is the obvious receptacle for liberals who feel guilty if they admit their materialism. When you sit in on their private discussions, it's all about money. But, in class, in their "departments" as they call it, it's all about doing good and how corrupt everyone else is.
One of the most popular radical non-profits in North Carolina just at the moment is N. C. Warn.  Give them a few more years to get utterly corrupt. But the roots are already there.
     The finest person in Greensboro in organizing along the lines of N. C. Warn is V. Warren.  She foolishly applied for a non-profit job with them, organizing. And they were wise enough to seriously consider offering her the job. I mean V-- is The Most. Courageous and experienced, great mother, idealistic beyond her 20's, when it takes gumption.Sensational administrator, hard worker. She's got it all.  The only other woman put together like V-- in Greensboro is Marnie Thompson.
     N. C. Warn warned V-- she'd have to move to Durham, where they are headquartered. "Why?"
     Of course she can't move from Greensboro, where she and her husband live and work, where her children go to school, etc. etc. Why does she have to move? After all, her job will take her all over the state. Organizing in Durham? It's already organized. N. C. Warn is already there. But, of course, when you realize N. C. Warn isn't created for organizing. It's created for N. C. Warn, for the administrators, for their salaries and other needs. That's why you have to move to . . . Durham!
It's an institutional non-profit is what it is–organizing for . . . itself! It started life doing good and, well, it's doing very well thank you.

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